Workshop at Runde 5-6 December 2017

The workshop is intended as a forum for everyone in Norway who works with autonomous vehicles for marine research and monitoring to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and discuss plans and expectations.

The workshop is open for anyone who is interested in autonomous vehicles such as gliders and AUVs, from experts to novices. Developers, operators/pilots, researchers and other users (or future users) and students are all very welcome.

Dates and times

The workshop starts with registration at 9:00 on Tuesday December 5th. The programme ends at 15:00 on the 6th, with the possibility of staying for dinner. For those who stay longer, Wednesday afternoon would be a suitable time for splinter meetings if needed, and optional activities– such as viewing the Runde Treasure or the film The Silver of the Sea – can be arranged upon request.

Organization of the workshop

The workshop is organized as part of the project «Fjernstyrte Undervassfarkoster» (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), funded by the regional research fund, Regionale Forskningsfond Midt-Norge (RFFMIDT). The project is about exploring potential new uses for AUVs and gliders in and outside of research. Project partners: Runde Environmental Centre, Havila Shipping AS, Fosnavåg Ocean Academy AS, Kongsberg Evotec AS, NTNU, and the University of Bergen.

What will you get out of the workshop

Presentations of your work with autonomous ocean monitoring vehicles, in the form of talks or posters, are welcome on topics including:

1. Completed studies
2. On-going research or development projects; preliminary results
3. Plans, future development, unsolved issues, challenges and needs
4. A broader view of ocean monitoring technology – different platforms, methods, and sensors

Group discussions are planned for the 2nd day – please feel free to suggest discussion topics. 

Note: The workshop will be held in English, but posters in Norwegian are also welcome.

Venue and accommodation

The workshop will take place at Runde Miljøsenter on the beautiful island of Runde. Accommodation in modern apartments with a sea view is available for a limited number of participants – rooms (in shared apartments) will be allocated at a first come, first served basis.

You will find more practical information in the registration form when you sign up. Sign up today!


Scientific programme:

Jenny Ullgren

tel. +47 941 38 871

Lars Gustavsen

Practical questions:

Lars Gustavsen

tel. +47 99 590 978​

Travel to Runde

By car

Runde is a bit off the main roads and is easiest to get to by car. On Rv61 follow directions towards Fosnavåg onto Rv654. At Leinøya take right onto Fv18 and follow this road all the way to Runde.

By airplane

There are two airports nearby: Ålesund airport, Vigra and Ørsta-Volda airport, Hovden.

From Vigra you can take the bus to Valderøy and from there take the express boat to Hareid, or if you rent a car at the airport you can drive to Sulesund and take the car ferry to Hareid. From Hareid follow Rv61 south west in the direction of Runde. If you need a Taxi from Hareid contact Hareid Taxi at +47 70 09 24 93.

From Hovden you can rent a car and follow E39 a few hundred meters towards Volda, thereafter take Rv653 og Rv61 towards Runde. If you need a Taxi from Hovden contact Ørsta Taxi at +47 977 57 955.

By Hurtigruten

Torvik in Leinøya is port of call for Hurtigruten. From Torvik a taxi would take approx 25 minutes to take you to Runde. Contact Herøy Taxi on phone +47 70 08 86 63.

By public transport

For information on public transportation contact Trafikanten on phone +47 71 28 01 00 or visit the website for the public transport company FRAM.