Runde is a small island in Herøy in the south-west of Møre og Romsdal county. The island has the southern most seabird colonies in Norway with large populations of Atlantic puffin, Black-legged kittiwake, Common Shag, Northern Gannet and Northern fulmar.

The island is also known for the gold and silver treasure that was found at Kvalneset in 1972. The treasure was the cargo of the ship Akerendam from the Netherland, shipwrecked during its maiden voyage outside Runde in 1725. Coins and other artifacts from the ship can be seen in the exhibition at the Runde Environmental Centre.

In 2013, four bird protection areas and one nature reserve on Runde was named a “Ramsar Wetland of International Importance”. This means that Norway has commited to maintain the ecological character of the area and to plan for the “wise use”, or sustainable use, of all of the wetland area.

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Travel to Runde

Runde is a bit off the main roads and is easiest to get to by car. On Rv61 follow directions towards Fosnavåg onto Rv654. At Leinøya take right onto Fv18 and follow this road all the way to Runde.

There are two airports nearby: Ålesund airport, Vigra and Ørsta-Volda airport, Hovden.
From Vigra you can take the bus to Valderøy and from there take the express boat to Hareid. From Hareind follow Rv61 south west in the direction of Runde.
From Hovden follow E39 a few hundred meters towards Volda, thereafter take Rv653 og Rv61 towards Runde.

There are car rental companies at both airports and in Hareid.

For information on public transportation contact Trafikanten on phone +47 71 58 78 00 or at their web page (see below).

Runde has a harbour that provides safe stays for boats. Runde Environmental Centre can also provide boat transport with the boat Lophelia (max 12 persons).

Torvik in Leinøya is port of call for Hurtigruten. From Torvik a taxi would take approx 25 minutes to take you to Runde. Contact Herøy Taxi on phone +47 70 08 86 63.

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In Runde and Herøy you have several options for accommodation :


in the summertime, Runde and the Herøy municipality is like a huge playground for outdoors activities. On the Runde island hikes to the cliffs to watch the bird colonies are very popular. The seabirds attract bird watchers from all corners of the world. The bird colonies are most easily accessible by hiking from Goksøyr on the north side of the island.  You can also see the bird colonies from the sea as a passenger on one of the boats that daily take tourists around the island.

The Runde lighthouse is also quite easily accessible by foot by hiking from Goksøy. The lighthouse is a self-service cabin and accommodates 24 persons. Remember to bring a key. Check out how the system with these cabins works at the webpage of the Norwegian Trekking Association.

The many small islands and narrow sounds in the area makes it perfect for kayaking and scuba diving.

For more ideas for activities, please contact the Runde Tourist Information on Facebook.